You are looking forward the rare bird ?

Look no further, he took up residence at VTS-C

…and we can share it with you!

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VTS-C offers the Services as a Product (SaaP). Order a reference product and receive a full package including hardware, software and related services.

vCloud :

Cross the first step to cloud computing and made a host for one of your productivity tools (email, CRM, Office …). Use the SaaS and enjoy the savings!

vBackupĀ :

Outsource your backups and get rid of stress! Fix the strategy and levels of services and let us manage!

vMigration :

Simplify your transition to the virtual world and migrate your data from all types of servers and storage to your new virtual infrastructure.

vPerf :

An application which stake? A very long time of answering? Everyone has performance issues but it is often difficult to find the cause …. Order VPerf pack and find out where is the problem!

vPRA :

Is your company threatened in case of disaster of your building? Everyone wants a PRA but few can afford it. VPRA allows you to decide which elements (physical server, virtual machine, critical application ..) and copy them in our secure datacenter, always accessible witch permit you to access your data even after a disaster …

vGreen :

Find out what environmental impact virtualization can have on your computer systems. Reducing carbon emissions, electricity consumption related to servers, but also air conditioning or optimizing your surface area, ask us to quantify the savings that you can make with a green IT policy!

vDiscovery :

Audit to optimize your existing infrastructure and enjoyed virtualization without moderation : VDiscovered Servers , VDiscovered Workstations and V Discovered Mobility!

vPilot :

Try virtualization technologies by providing a proof of concept and see if all the features are here! Test Workstation: A complete package allowing you to try VDI 10 posts, 5 pads or smartphones!