The outsourcing

photoStemming from the strong implication which has VTS-C when it sets up a solution in the environment of these customers, the outsourcing is an activity which naturally developed in parallel of the initial business. Control operation, solving day to day incidents and problems that occur, drive and guarantee the implementation of each change, VTS-C has unique expertise on. What for? Because it possesses within it people among whom the business and the experience comes to irrigate this activity. No more head to head with a single bill and a progress report!

For VTS-C, outsourcing is not a contractual relationship is the foremost requirement of carrying a full responsibility with respect to the business of its customers. Able to answer a simple technical skill: this is not the idea that VTS-C has on outsourcing.

This is why VTS-C provides operating analysts, systems and networks engineers that have a real knowledge to help you maintain in operational condition your information system of production. Teams will guide you, support you, seek his advice industry, where it will be necessary and it’s true 24 hours 24 7 days 7 a week.

VTS-C Cloud

hebergement2With its strong experience of virtualization and its multidisciplinary teams, VTSC design and implemented a Private Cloud solution able to answer at the quasi-majority of its customers’ needs.

Not be locked into a technology, be able to evolve quickly while keeping and maintaining standardized processes, qualitative monitoring thereof and that in order to provide useful reporting, which can serve as transparent implementation basis of requirements always stronger in terms of customer satisfaction this is the VTS-C creed.

VTSC takes strength to be at the forefront of technology (by having always proven it) and implements at its customer’s unique platforms built around its solutions.

Whether you have an existing or that you have no infrastructure constraints, VTS-C can support you and bring you to the cloud. By experience, VTS-C knows that any transition is not overnight made, that it is necessary to protect your past investments and that is why the architecture of its solution is completely modular. Of the completely packaged solution based on a panel of services(defined in the adapted solution put in accordance with your infrastructure, your organization, your business, VTS-C is there to assist you at each step.