Our strategy goes beyond simple shifts of studies and the achievement of your project.

Virtual Technology Services & Consulting is specialized since its origin in the implementation of ThinClient infrastructures that they are deployed at customer informatics room or hosted and outsourced in our infrastructure (white rooms) or in those of our partners.wpid-engrenages.jpeg

VTS-C is committed to supply the best service that can be offered in the complete area of virtualization : workstation, servers network, storage, … applications, to support large and medium company’s development and implementation of architectures system and complex networks.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary provided by the VTS-C teams, VTS-C is involved in all phases (Life Cycles) of infrastructure and virtualization projects from in-situ studies to operation of Managed Service or production, through integration into production, training and managing change induced by the deployment of the new architecture via its methodology “Virtual Fast Line“.

Virtual Fast Line“, a VTS-C unique methodology in the market:

  • Based on 25 years experience
  • Key of the success of all our projects
  • Allows a standardized approach and industrialized
  • A methodology for continuous improvement (project review each project closure)

The key points of  « Virtual Fast Line » :

  • Process is based on a strong interactivity with client teams -> Workshop and Arbitration
  • Set of tools for monitoring and risk management -> real-time operational monitoring
  • Collaborative work for a better grip and a rapid shift in production

VTS-C offers implementation and infrastructure necessary to achieve your goals defined during phases of board technologies :

  • Implementations
  • Deployments
  • Migrations
  • Optimizations
  • Training